At our Discovery Session, we will find out who you are as a company… your internal movers and shakers, your target audience, your brand, your goals – let’s lay it all on the table. The more we know, the more effectively we can communicate your brand.


From scripting, to casting, to shot lists, we do all the leg work to make shoot days amazing. We take what we learned in our Discovery Session and begin scheduling the shoot days to ensure every component in the video effectively translates your end goal.


Lights, camera, action! This is where we execute our carefully crafted plan for dynamic interviews, beautiful scenery, and powerful storytelling all within an effective schedule to make the most of all our time. Our team works together to ensure we’re obtaining everything needed to make your video the best we can. If you find yourself as the star of your own video, we’ll do everything possible to bring out the very best in you. We know cameras can be intimidating, but we want your viewers to be drawn to the most real and comfortable side of you that exists. We work really hard to make Shoot Day the most fun, effective and inspiring time we have together.

Post Production

Almost there! At this point we take the footage and hand it over to our editing team to cut down and assemble the scenes in order. A well edited video is like a piece of art, each scene unique, paced to it’s own rhythm, to ensure your message is communicated succinctly but in an emotionally evocative way to engage the viewer. Things like music, graphics, and titles are also added at this point to give your video its final touches.


Upon completion we review the video with you and listen for any input on potential changes needed, or fine tuning to fit your needs.


With high-fives all around, and maybe even a celebratory brew, we deliver a high resolution master version of the video for your archival, as well as any web or television formatting you may need.


Let’s get started on your project!